eShraaq is an entrepreneur development program that aims to develop MSEs by focusing on management, marketing, financial skills, and entrepreneurs’ tools through an integrated framework of specialized training, guidance, solutions and follow-up.

Entrepreneurship Strategies

The program aims to help entrepreneurs to develop and apply new strategies and action plans for managing and developing their projects, as well as basic skills training to start their own business and maintain its continuity and to face arising risks.

Financial Management Strategies

The program aims to develop the capabilities of entrepreneurs to be familiar with financial planning, its steps, objectives and the data and information related to it. Also, it enables entrepreneurs to learn the basis of preparing budgets and use them as a tool for planning, monitoring the enterprise and decision-making.

E-Commerce Strategies

Through specialized e-commerce and e-marketing training, the program aims to provide a wide range of services and tools for entrepreneurs and develop their skills to start marketing and commerce on the Internet to promote enterprises and create sustainable businesses.

Target Sectors

Health Care

Home Business




Food Production


Business Services

Our Achievements

We are working on developing the capabilities of entrepreneurs in Jordan in the fields of management, marketing and financial planning to increases the chances of creating sustainable businesses, where we offer applied programs that meet the reality, and link the potentials of entrepreneurs with real opportunities to develop their businesses and ideas.

Through our journey, we have held events, built a lot of partnerships, and had few success stories.

Small Enterprises
Enrollment Applications
Success Stories

We are keen to always participate and be present in events, seminars and conferences that are concerned about management and enterprises development.

Supporting SMEs and initiatives is essential to empowering economy. Also, it helps in developing entrepreneurs’ capabilities and pushing up the business sector.